ADQL Query

On this page, you can use ADQL to query some of our tables. This is mainly for dabbling; use TAP for larger jobs (e.g., using TAPHandle within your browser).

To learn what ADQL is or for further information on this implementation, see the service info.

A query in the Astronomical Data Query Language
Seconds until the query is aborted. If you find yourself having to raise this beyond 200 or so, please contact the site operators for hints on how to optimize your query

To protect your nerves, the server inserts a TOP 2000 phrase unless you give a limit yourself. Thus, if you hit the 2000 record limit and want to override it, you can specify your limit yourself (like SELECT TOP 20000...).

There is a fixed limit to 100000 rows on this service. If this bugs you, use TAP.